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Motorhome and Caravan Services

Looking for a trustworthy company to clean, valet and service your motorhome or caravan? Before establishing Kernow Klean the owners worked in motorhome rental for years, gaining valuable experience in professional standard cleaning, valeting and repairs of the vehicles. By booking in for a motorhome or caravan valet you can be assured you’ve chosen a premium quality company.

We will discuss your expectations and needs before starting the valet to ensure you’re happy with the methods used, for example we offer both pressure washed and hand-clean only external washes.

Our internal deep-cleans ensure your vehicle is at it’s best for your holidays and trips away, seats are treated, water tanks sterilised with non-abrasive products, bathrooms and showers are cleaned and kitchen areas are bought back to their shining best.

In addition to valeting we offer repairs. For example, fixing window damage, replacing damaged internal furniture and fixings, repairing cracked shower trays or basins and replacing cracked wing mirrors. We also offer more specialised repairs, such as decontaminating fuel-fouled water tanks, sterilising heating/water systems or replacing locks. Contact us with your requirements for a quote.